Paula González

Operations, Malaga

Paula González

Paula González

Head of Transactional Operations
Working for 7 years at Ebury

How long have you been working at Ebury? What is your previous experience?

I’ve been working at Ebury for over years, and before joining here I worked for three different banks as a trainee.


What does it mean for you working at Ebury?

It’s a difficult thing to describe but I would use the words “challenge, motivation, opportunity” to generally describe the way I see things and my own personal growth at Ebury.  The challenge is you are constantly needing to learn new things, and maintain flexibility to adapt to the situation at hand, which motivates you to overcome the challenge, and represents an opportunity to grow professionally.


What motivates you?

The opportunity to learn new things, assume new responsibilities, grow and have your work recognised.


What’s a typical working day for you?

For me each day is different from the previous one. Generally speaking I coordinate teams by supporting each of the Supervisor in incidents that occur during the day-to-day. I help them to establish better efficiency within the team, and improve their relationships with other teams. I also work with new banking partners on a regular basis.


How has your job changed since you started working here?

It has changed significantly. When first start, there were only four people working in the Operations Team and everybody did everything. The system was very basic, just about covering our needs at that time. Soon we started hiring more people, the volume of work increased (and continues to increase) and nature of our tasks became more diverse.

As the company began to offer new products, the need for splitting the team in different departments arose. After three years, the entire Operations Team was split into two big teams, Client Onboarding and Operations, and at the same time, different departments with a team leader for each were built inside each of these teams. I believe we will keep growing and segregating/specializing people in different tasks in future as we continue to work in a changing environment which demands creative, clever and flexible people.


Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for the company?

If you consider yourself a hard-worker, team-player, open-minded and motivated person, this is the place for you.