Alejandro Ruiz

Operations, Malaga

Alejandro Ruiz

Alejandro Ruiz

AML and Sanctions Analyst
Working for 2.5 years at Ebury

How long have you been working at Ebury? What is your previous experience?

I have been working at Ebury for 2.5 years. Previously, I worked for a bank and a consultancy company.

What does it mean for you working at Ebury?

For me, working at Ebury is not something I can explain just with words. The best environment you could ever have mixed with gratifying work were you can achieve your goals and keep challenging yourself. This is what motivates you and makes you enjoy what you are doing.

What motivates you?

The opportunity to keep improving and always learn new things is the most satisfactory feeling where you find yourself rewarded.

What’s a typical working day for you?

Every day is different. Being part of the AML & Sanctions team means you will have different cases every day, however, to sum up, the day to day is preventing Ebury being involved in money laundering, terrorism financing and other sorts of financial crime. Our department is in charge of reviewing all the client’s transactions to ensure that the clients operate as per the information provided and complying with our regulations always along with the best client service and assisting them anytime they need us.

How has your job changed since you started working here?

When I started in Ebury, the AML & Sanctions team was composed of just 3 people, now we are 18 of us in just 2 years and a half. There were huge changes in the department and as you can imagine, this means more opportunities for all of us. In my particular case, I have been promoted to
Senior Analyst and I am in charge of the Diamond sector (yes, we deal with Diamonds!).

Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for the company?

I would advise everyone to join our team without any doubt. People here are really friendly and open-minded. You will always have something new to learn here and really interesting cases that take you out from the monotony.