Sales Career

At Ebury we are very proud of our people who have progressed through the sales organisation. Due to our core belief in internal promotion, most Ebury sales managers and senior salespeople have worked their way up to this position from a junior business developer entry point. This opportunity to rapidly build a career is not left to chance. Based on six years of continual refinement, Ebury deploys an effective development path for its sales organisation to help individuals achieve their maximum potential.

Our programmatic approach to career development is illustrated in the diagram below. Progression from one role to the next is a transparent process, requiring the achievement of business and financial targets. Underpinning this progression is an accompanying training programme, designed to equip our future sales leaders with the professional sales and management skills needed to succeed.

Please take the time to read Matthew’s story to experience how this approach works in practice.

Sales Career Framework

sales career framework 1

Matthew’s Story

Matthew is a prime example of how a sales career at Ebury develops in a short space of time. From starting in April in 2013 as a trainee Business Developer, Matthew now runs a desk responsible for delivering a multi-million pound revenue stream. At Ebury, we firmly believe in internal promotion, which is why we operate a clear and transparent sales progression path. Promotion is driven by achieving visible objectives meaning no nepotism, favouritism or political maneuvering is required to succeed! Matthew’s first sale netted a heady £367.40, which while extremely satisfying, only briefly supported his love for fine dining and artisan cheese. Eager to sample more than a starter at his chosen restaurants, Matthew pushed himself onwards.

The Ebury sales acceleration programme supported Matthew by providing a continual blend of industry and professional training, which coupled with his own drive and determination, meant he was promoted to a senior sales position within 6 months. Within a year Matthew was introduced to management, where he was tasked with creating a business plan followed by taking on a team of business developers and salespeople to deliver it.

Alongside his management responsibilities, Matthew continued to personally win some of Ebury’s largest and most loyal clients across Europe, from the UK to Latvia, Switzerland to Norway and many more countries besides.

Matthew's story

His superb market knowledge coupled with an approachable and engaging personality, resulted in them trusting him with several hundred million pounds worth of trades last year.

On a personal level, this has allowed Matthew to build up an encyclopaedic knowledge of London’s Michelin starred eateries and created a constant obsession with finding ways to store an expanding wine collection in his basement. Most recently, Matthew’s hard work and loyalty has resulted in him being made a shareholding partner in the business, meaning he will deservedly benefit from future company growth. Matthew epitomises the profile of success at Ebury, but this successful and proven Ebury career path remains open to all today.