Sergio Jurado

Technology, Malaga

Sergio Jurado

Sergio Jurado

Working at Ebury for 4 Years

How long have you been working at Ebury? What is your previous experience?

I’ve been working at Ebury for three years. I used to work in IT consulting, but many of these jobs didn’t appreciate the human element, and didn’t retain their talent as a result.


What does it mean for you working at Ebury?

Ebury gave me an excellent opportunity to develop my professional career. Ebury allows me to use high-end technologies and work in an amazing and collaborative environment where your voice is always heard. I feel valued working here, like I am part of developing something important.


What motivates you?

The technologies and the democracy we have when we make decisions, as well as how well-treated we are.


What’s a typical working day for you?

As DevOps the first thing we have to do in the morning is make a daily checklist in order to ensure our platform is functioning well and running at the high standard we expect. We then follow agile frameworks with our development teams to ensure our applications are released quickly and smoothly from the Developer’s mind to our high-end live platform, and therefore to our customers’ screens.


Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for the company?

Don’t hesitate in applying to Ebury. If you want to grow professionally in a promising and disruptive environment,  and join a team where everybody is appreciated and valued, this is the place for you.