Alejandro Casielles

Operations, Malaga

Alejandro Casielles

Alejandro Casielles

Reconciliation Assistant
Working for 6 months at Ebury

How long have you been working at Ebury? What is your previous experience?

I have been working here for six months, and I previously worked in finance, accounting and cost-control at various Spanish companies.


What does it mean for you working at Ebury?

Working at Ebury has provided me with a great opportunity to grow professionally alongside the company as it expands, it’s an exciting thing to be a part of.


What motivates you?

Knowing that I am helping the company to grow even when I am learning new skills.


How has your job changed since you started working here?

My role has changed a lot since working here, at the beginning I was working to reconcile funds in a single currency, now I work daily with every currency that comes through the system, which has really increased my knowledge of financial markets. I now feel confident in my job, mostly due to my great colleagues who are always willing to teach me new things so I can improve.


Do you have any advice for people thinking of applying to work for the company?

Don’t hesitate in applying – if you get the opportunity to work here then you should take it. Ebury is fantastic company where you can work alongside inspiring people in a dynamic and exciting environment. I could not be happier working here.