Front-end Developer

Technology, London

Front-end Developer

Technology, London

Ebury is a FinTech success story, positioned among the fastest-growing international companies in its sector.

Headquartered in London & with offices across Europe opening in Dubai, North America and APAC, we empower businesses that want to trade and transact internationally. We drive innovation through technology, providing businesses with the tools they need to manage their international trade and support their growth, including import lending, currency and risk products, and payment and collection facilities.

The talent of our 700+ multicultural staff, combined with our cutting-edge technology, tailored product range, and exceptional customer service, has enabled us to double in size year after year. Today we have 18 offices across the world, with even more exciting expansion plans to come.

Even through our tremendous growth, we maintain a vibrant and enjoyable company culture, and those who excel in our highly meritocratic and fast-paced environment will be generously rewarded.

Are you ready to take part in the development of one of the fastest growing European Fintech companies?

We are looking for a developer to join our cross-functional team. We are passionate about front-end development and enjoy pixel-perfect philosophy, continuous deployments and the changing reactivity in JavaScript frameworks. We love to build the UI for all the different products we have.

Here at Ebury, we have a flat structure. This means teams join various different steps of the production process in a proactive way all while being in permanent contact with stakeholders. Our ideal candidate needs strong teamwork skills and is hungry to leave a footprint in this sector.


  • You love maintainable code; KISS and DRY are your daily mantras. You understand that writing beautiful and readable code is the key to building a great product, and you are able to follow industry best practices.
  • You understand the importance of receiving feedback. You use code reviews to improve yourself and to share your expertise with other members of the team.
  • You enjoy building and developing new features as much as bug fixing. Every code that you ship is an opportunity to improve the user experience.
  • You are self-organised and can work autonomously.
  • You enjoy working in a team. You are used to working with others such as QA, UX or DevOps, and are able to learn and share your knowledge with them.


  • We are a highly motivated and talented team that build the main product used by our clients.
  • We work with an Agile methodology doing iterations of two weeks and delivery features using a release train process that happens every week.

  • Our stack is composed of several frameworks that have changed over the years. The most relevant are:
  • Frontend: ES6, VueJS, Jest, Bootstrap 4, SASS, npm, webpack
  • Backend: Python, Django, PostgreSql, REST Api
  • Other tools: Git, Mercurial, JIRA.

  • All of these run smoothly in docker containers on AWS.


  • You will be working on the company’s end-user web application, delivering new features designed by our cutting-edge UX team.
  • You will contribute to evolving legacy code on our brand-new front-end stack, based on a SPA pattern.
  • You will have the chance to do some backend work, creating or updating endpoints in our API.


  • Senior experience in professional software development
  • Experience building SPA applications with VueJS or similar frameworks
  • Solid knowledge of Javascript as well as Browser APIs
  • Solid knowledge of CSS and some pre-processors as SASS
  • Solid experience in unit testing patterns
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Excellent communications skills 


  • Some exposure to a backend programming language like Python
  • Experience with MVC web frameworks like Django
  • Experience working in financial environment


  • Great professional opportunity to develop your career in an international company and in a continuously innovative environment
  • Participate in one of the most disruptive technological sectors
  • We offer competitive conditions as well as the possibility to keep growing thanks to continuous reviews and career path
  • Internal blog to share technical knowledge. Read more about Ebury Labs


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